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Local Business Directory

In some cases, our rentals might be fully booked, or you are looking for something a little different than what we offer. This directory has many of the other accommodation businesses in the area, complete with contact information. We've also made a list of some useful contacts you might need while you stay with us.

Alternate Accommodation Options

Company Name Address Beach Area Business Type Phone # Email
Beach House 2 15 30th St. N Beach4 House 705-351-8024 Email
Koras Cottages 67 River Rd. E Beach1 Court 705-429-2111 Email
Riverfront Villa 60 River Ave Cres. Beach1 Villa 705-351-8024 Email
Riverfront Cottages 28 River Ave. Beach1 Cottages 705-351-8024 Email
Summerhill 35 River Rd. E Beach1 Court 705-443-2132 Email
Oasis by the Bay 790 Mosley St. Beach 3 Court 705-429-3936 Email
Angels Wasaga Inn Main St. Beach1 Motel 705-429-2535 Email
Wasaga River Resort 32 River Ave Cres. Beach1 House 877-779-5114 Email
Blue Coast Cottages 107 River Rd. E Beach1 Court 416-315-9558 Email
Sunshine Park 604 River Rd. W None Camping 705-429-2334 Email
Albatross Motel 160 Main St. Beach1 Motel 705-429-4000 Email
J and J Motel 201 Main St. Beach1 Motel 705-429-6501 Email
Beach House 4 15 30th St. N Beach4 House 705-351-8024 Email
Lakes of Wasaga 85 Theme Park Dr. None Cottages 866-378-0833 Email
Mermaid Motel 1600 Mosley St. Beach 5 Motel 705-429-3643 Email
Beach1 Barn 42 River Ave. Cres. Beach1 House 705-351-8024 Email
Alton Lodges 459 Mosley St. Beach2 Court 705-429-2420 Email
Beach1 Roost 44 River Ave. Cres Beach1 Cottage 705-351-8024 Email
Beachfront at Wasaga 130 Mosley St. Beach1 Motel 705-429-2727 Email
Woodland Cedars 1985 Tiny Beaches Rd. Woodland Court 705-361-1461 Email
Wasaga Sands Cottages 363 River Rd. E Beach1 Court 705-429-4054 Email
Saga Resort 88 Main St. S Beach1 Motel 705-429-2543 Email
Adrians Rentals 184 Dunkerron Ave. Beach3 Court 705-429-2913 Email
Coopers Cabins 717 Mosley St. Beach3 Court 705-429-6164 Email
Summer Land 902 Mosley St. Beach3 Court 705-429-0874 Email
Luau Resort 231 Mosley St. Beach2 Motel 705-429-2252 Email