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This is a new page that will give you a complete list of approved places to stay in Wasaga Beach. The approved list consists of establishments only with a license to operate in Wasaga Beach. Users will soon have the option to rate, and leave feedback on different properties based on their experiences. They will have an approximate location and establishment type which will help you narrow down your search. No more googling, or going to various listing sites to try find a place to stay in wasaga. Your full directory will be right here.

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Name Address Area Class Phone Email Web
Woodland Cedars 1985 Tiny Beaches Rd. Woodland Court 705-361-1461 Email View
Koras Cottages 67 River Rd. E Beach1 Court 705-429-2111 Email View
Coopers Cabins 717 Mosley St. Beach3 Court 705-429-6164 Email View
Beach1 Roost 44 River Ave. Cres Beach1 Cottage 705-351-8024 Email View
J and J Motel 201 Main St. Beach1 Motel 705-429-6501 Email View
Sunshine Park 604 River Rd. W None Camping 705-429-2334 Email View
Saga Resort 88 Main St. S Beach1 Motel 705-429-2543 Email View
Albatross Motel 160 Main St. Beach1 Motel 705-429-4000 Email View
Wasaga River Resort 32 River Ave Cres. Beach1 House 877-779-5114 Email View
Angels Wasaga Inn Main St. Beach1 Motel 705-429-2535 Email View
Beach House 1 15 30th St. N Beach4 House 705-351-8024 Email View
Wasaga Sands Cottages 363 River Rd. E Beach1 Court 705-429-4054 Email View
Lakes of Wasaga 85 Theme Park Dr. None Cottages 866-378-0833 Email View
Beach House 2 15 30th St. N Beach4 House 705-351-8024 Email View
Alton Lodges 459 Mosley St. Beach2 Court 705-429-2420 Email View
Beach1 Barn 42 River Ave. Cres. Beach1 House 705-351-8024 Email View
Adrians Rentals 184 Dunkerron Ave. Beach3 Court 705-429-2913 Email View
Beachfront at Wasaga 130 Mosley St. Beach1 Motel 705-429-2727 Email View
Oasis by the Bay 790 Mosley St. Beach 3 Court 705-429-3936 Email View
Riverfront Cottages 28 River Ave. Beach1 Cottages 705-351-8024 Email View
Blue Coast Cottages 107 River Rd. E Beach1 Court 416-315-9558 Email View
Mermaid Motel 1600 Mosley St. Beach 5 Motel 705-429-3643 Email View
Riverfront Villa 60 River Ave Cres. Beach1 Villa 705-351-8024 Email View
Summerhill 35 River Rd. E Beach1 Court 705-443-2132 Email View
Summer Land 902 Mosley St. Beach3 Court 705-429-0874 Email View
Luau Resort 231 Mosley St. Beach2 Motel 705-429-2252 Email View

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